Lauren D. Lopez started her journey in September 2016. At a low point in her life, she weighed in at 185lbs at 25%BF, and was determined to create a healthier lifestyle for herself. Through trial and error, consistency and never giving up, she’s lost over 40lbs of fat and has decreased her BF% down to 7% Like many others who have a great weight loss story, she is a prime example of what hard work and determination can do when you have a goal and dream in mind to do better and be better! Today she aspires to inspire others and is passionate about redefining beauty to our younger generation. She wants all young girls to know that strong is beautiful, muscles are sexy and that if she can do it anyone can!


Marie Hirsch started her passion in fitness at the age of 14. In 2007 she was offered a full athletic scholarship to play Division 1 Soccer at Cal State Northridge.  Marie has also been competing in CrossFit since 2013 as an-individual
 & Team athlete. She wants to help others in living the best lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it. She is focusing on being a Coach for athletes and female firefighters. Currently, Marie has been training out of OCCF( Orange Coast Crossfit) for the past 2 years.  This year, in 2018, she helped her gym qualify for the Crossfit Games West Coast Regionals. They placed 12th overall.

Jeremy Cousins, personal trainer & owner of CFTO, fell in love with CrossFit for the fun of it all. Burdened by the monotony of normal weightlifting, he became addicted to the variety and the energy. Suddenly he was moving faster, lifting heavier, and incorporating gymnastic movements that he never could before. From the moment he got certified, coaching was his new passion and continues to be today. Jeremy has a passion for newcomers, underdogs, and people who never dreamed of being able to be active. At the end of the day, he loves his members to have fun and be energized while they break down personal barriers that they never thought possible.